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Los Angeles County Young Democrats Ceasefire Resolution

WHEREAS, the Los Angeles County Young Democrats have a longstanding commitment to advocating for peace, social justice, equity, and fostering mutual respect and understanding for all people, regardless of religion, race, or nationality; and 

WHEREAS, since October 8th, 2023, the day following the attacks by Hamas militants on Israel, leaders across the world have publicly acknowledged the ongoing violence and humanitarian crisis in Gaza and the hostage situation for Israeli citizens– which has resulted in more than 200 hostages being taken captive, and the deaths of 1,163 Israelis; and the ensuing Israeli military assault on Gaza has resulted in the deaths of a record number of civilians in modern history- more than 30,000 Gazans– including at least 11,500 children– in 125 days, over 300 medical workers and 100 journalists, over 69,000 Gazans wounded, and over 7,000 missing under the rubble; and Palestinian civilians experiencing a humanitarian crisis of catastrophic proportions in amputation, disease, malnourishment, starvation, shelter; and 

WHEREAS, internationally, organizations including the World Health Organization, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, International Rescue Committee, and the United Nations have made calls for a ceasefire and the return of remaining hostages to prevent the further loss of civilian lives; and

WHEREAS, locally, more than 200 labor unions including American Postal Workers Union, Communication Workers of America, National Nurses United, Painters and Allied Trades, Service Employees International Union, United Auto Workers, and member organizations of the AFL-CIO, including the Los Angeles Labor County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO, as well as 34 congressional representatives, 70 cities across the United States, the Los Angeles County Democratic Party, have all called for a ceasefire and President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are actively working towards a ceasefire; and

WHEREAS, we, the Los Angeles County Young Democrats, stand firmly on the foundation of peace, unity, respect, and understanding and recognize that Palestinian lives, Israeli lives, and all human life is precious: 

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, we, the Los Angeles County Young Democrats remain aware of the acts of violence, vandalism, and intimidation against the Palestinian and Jewish diaspora in the United States, and actively condemn all antisemitism, Islamophobia, and bigotry towards groups and populations in society, specifically with a call for: 

  1. An immediate and permanent ceasefire; and
  2. All parties to comply with their obligations under international law, including international humanitarian law, notably concerning the protection of civilians; and
  3. The immediate and unconditional release of all hostages and immediate humanitarian access


Los Angeles County Young Democrats Board 

April 2, 2024